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Our leadership team

Our strong team of professionals are here to help you and your organisation strive for excellence.

Reade Thompson-Trott, Director at Weirdo Digital

Reade Thompson-Trott


Tyler Batchelor, Director at Weirdo Digital

Tyler Batchelor


How we work

We take a per-client approach to every design, starting by listening to your digital issues and understanding the problems that need solving.

We’ll ask you questions to understand your brand, goals, budget, target markets, content requirements, reference sites and desired outcomes. We can assist you to come up with these if guidance is required.

We will provide you links to living documents of our shared strategy & designs, ensuring we are on the same page with your desired outcomes and on track to meet your business requirements. We can talk you through these in-person or over conference call flexible to your schedule.

We work with what you already have – or whatever is readily available to build an individual solution tailored to your needs. We can also work with existing technologies when required to save time & money reinventing the wheel.